Show Them Life to the Fullest

On the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago, I was at a friend’s condo writing about thriving in life. I looked up from the computer and outside my window I saw a view of blue skies, the bay, and then the gulf. Right in the center was an expansive white bridge that connected the two sides of the bay.

Suddenly in my mind, I saw the scene as a picture of Jesus’ promise that He offers life and life more abundantly (John 10:10b). It was as though the bridge led to life more abundantly on the other side of the bay.

The bridge represented the truth that thriving in life is available to us, but it’s not automatic.

At this point in my life, for several years I had been teaching Christians how to share their faith in today’s culture. Along the way, I realized that some people needed to experience a more abundant life if they were going to effectively communicate the life of Christ.

When we come to faith in Christ, we receive His eternal life. We are forgiven. Our place is sure in heaven. However, He promises that there is a more abundant life available to us.

How do we move from being saved, to being saved and thriving in life? How do we have a vibrant relationship with Christ that naturally leads to sharing Him with the people around us? As I continued to write, I eventually focused on three major areas in our lives that contribute to living the abundant life.

1. Knowing: leaning into the God who cares. We have to know His character, will, and ways. He is love, He is good, and He is so much more.

2. Overcoming: you’re more than enough in Christ. We need to know who we are in Him and what He has given us. Here’s a hint – we’ve been given everything that pertains to life and godliness in Him.

3. Thriving: the adventure of life in the Spirit. We are sealed in His Spirit and we are commanded to “be being filled” with His Spirit. We have to be filled by His Spirit for Him to overflow through us.

We grow in each of these areas by continually renewing our minds, living yielded to God and trusting Him. We gradually come to know Him better and follow Him more closely. Along the way we are changed into becoming more like Him.

The world desperately needs to see Christians who are more like Jesus.

He offers us life to the fullest to bless us, and to help us help other people know Him. When we are filled with His Spirit, God’s love, joy, peace, generosity, holiness and power overflow through us. This is the state of being witnesses to the real Jesus – the One who is Good News.

When you look around, who has God placed in your life who needs to see the real Jesus and hear His good news? Here’s another hint – everyone. Show them life to the fullest.

Picture of Nancy Grisham

Nancy Grisham

Nancy Grisham (@nancygrisham) is the author of Thriving: Trusting God for Life to the Fullest. She has been on faculty at Wheaton College, served in the Billy Graham Center, and has been the evangelism pastor in a church of 6,500. Nancy speaks on knowing God and making Him known, through the ministry of Livin’ Ignited. She lives in Colorado, where she enjoys a career in real estate.