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Praying Scripture Unto Salvation

”…there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” – Luke 15:10

Most of us have people we love who haven’t trusted Jesus. Maybe we’ve shared Christ with them and invited them to church. However, they are still far away from Christ. Maybe we’ve even languished for years in prayer.

Renata, a close friend, was in that situation with her mother. Her mom was 88 years old and spiraling into dementia. Renata was growing concerned that her mom may never have the clarity to trust Jesus.

After decades of prayer and reaching out, there were times that Renata was tempted to give up. But the thought of her mom in eternity without Jesus was too painful. She continued to pray and reach out.

Over the years, I’ve joined Renata in praying for her mom. When we travel the long road of prayer, scripture fuels the way. Here’s what I mean:

Father, thank You that…

It is Your will that (name) not perish. – 2 Peter 3:9

Jesus seeks and saves (name). – Luke 19:10

Your kindness grants (name) repentance. – Romans 2:4

You open (name) heart to understand the gospel. – Acts 16:14

The gospel is the power of salvation to (name) who believes. – Romans 1:16

You send workers into the harvest of (name) life. – Matthew 9:38

You send me as one of those workers! – Luke 10:2

The other day, Renata texted me, “There is a celebration in heaven going on. Mom accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior today. I am praising Jesus!”

That morning, her mother had a clear mind. Once again, Renata shared Christ. God opened her mom’s heart to understand and she prayed received Christ.

Even when the road to salvation runs long, keep sharing and praying; the celebration runs forever! Hallelujah, what a Savior!

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Nancy Grisham

Nancy Grisham (@nancygrisham) is the author of Thriving: Trusting God for Life to the Fullest. She has been on faculty at Wheaton College, served in the Billy Graham Center, and has been the evangelism pastor in a church of 6,500. Nancy speaks on knowing God and making Him known, through the ministry of Livin’ Ignited. She lives in Colorado, where she enjoys a career in real estate.